One Armed Bandits


All of our tables are fully mobile & are easily assembled for any venue


Our One Armed Bandits



One Armed Bandits  make a fantastic feature at your casino event.

Our old school one armed bandits come complete as a bank of four.

Everyone gets the same amount of casino tokens to play & the ones who win the JACKPOT are put into a draw & one is chosen at random as the winner of the slot machines!


Includes - Setting Up & Dismantling, Four One Armed Bandits & Stands, Professional Coin Tokens, Plus Fully Trained Coupier


Bank Of Four One Armed Bandits £450.00 


All quotes are for 2 hours of gaming and include delivery, set up & collection in Jersey C.I



History of Jubilee Slot Machines


The Jubilee international was originally manufactured in Australia. During the 1960's these machines were imported and operated in amusement arcades along the UK coastlines. Jubilee made its mark with their mechanical mechanisms.


A major upgrading in styling came with the Jubilee RIVERA Range in 1969, in which the cabinets reached for a close approximation of the Bally look.


The RIVERA models were at the peak of mechanical perfection, offering for trouble free operation and cheat proof escalator Jubilee was the last successful stand for all mechanical machines.


These machines are approaching 50 years old, they have been renovated for use buy a specialised in England. We hope you enjoy them


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