Welcome to the Black Cat Fun Casino

Bringing the fun of a Casino

to a venue of your choice!


Black Cat Fun Casino are the premier fun casino in Jersey, Channel Islands


We replicate a real Casino in every way, except that no real money changes hands! At the start of the evening your guests will be issued with a Black Cat Token that can then be cashed in at the tables for Gaming Chips,
where the rules are explained by the Croupier

At the end of the evening we establish who has accrued the most chips & is the highest roller!



Our tables are of the highest quality and make a most impressive spectacle for your guests. Tables can include a combination of


We are well trained and well versed in dealing with both the novice and more experienced players!


Please click on the photos to see our tables & find out about the games


We are recruiting part time croupiers & helpers to join our great team, could this be you? Click Here

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