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Our Chuck-A-Luck Table



Chuck-A-Luck is played with three standard dice that are kept in a device shaped somewhat like an hourglass that resembles a wire frame bird cage and that pivots about its centre. The dealer rotates the cage end over end, with the dice landing on the bottom. Wagers are placed based on possible combinations that can appear on the three dice. It is an easy game to play and once mastered it can be quite addictive.


Includes - Setting Up & Dismantling, Full size Chuck-A-Luck Table, Dice Cage, Professional Casino Chips, Black Cat Fun Money for all your guests plus Fully Trained Croupier


Chuck-A-Luck £350.00


All quotes are for 2 hours of gaming and include delivery, set up & collection in Jersey C.I

Black Cat Fun Money

Every guest that attends the Black Cat Casino Tables will recieve a Black Cat Token to cash in for chips. When they have finished playing at that table they cash their chips back in for Black Cat Pounds and at the end of the event the guest with the highest amount will be the winner

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